Consumer Mentality

I was searching for a way to combine my background in environmental policy and sustainability with, what else but…. shopping!  

There are so many innovative new products coming to market almost everyday.  Some of these products have the capacity to change your life – maybe even the world – and others just sit on the shelf.  Some of these products will become staples of modern life – and some will not.  The Prius is a perfect example.

When I first purchased my Prius I felt like I was a part of a special club that shared common interests; high MPG and low emissions.  Now, 3 years later, a Prius is to Southern California what a Subaru is to Vermont; they are everywhere.  If I do not get 300 miles per tank – frankly I am annoyed.  The eerie silence of the electric motor no longer amazes me but is taken for granted.  In other words, the Prius has done what all these up and coming products are attempting to do – it has seamlessly made its way into everyday life.  

How did the Prius grab this honor instead of the comparable Honda Hybrid?  Is it really all due to a goatee’d heartthrob driving one around the streets of Los Angeles?  Or was it something else?  In the next series of blogs I intend to explore what makes a new, sustainable product great and what makes some just so-so?

Next week: Soda Stream