Day 1-- Copenhagen Blog: Welcome

It is seventeen hundred hours (or as we say in the states - five in the evening) at the Bella Center and the sun has already set so it is as dark as night, the air is brisk and there is still a long line of people waiting to register for COP 15 and receive their credentials.   The registration process consists of precisely four lines, one to get in the door, one to get through security, one to register and the final line to get your photo taken for your ID.

Once my pass is safely hanging around my neck, I am finally able to enter the massive Bella Center.  The first thing I notice are the rows and rows of booths which represent organizations from around the world that are dealing with climate change.  These people arehere, from every corner of the globe to tell COP 15 and the world why we must deal with climate change and we must do so now.  I was overwhelmed and relieved by this sight and happily feel that I am amongst my own kind.  These booths and the organizations behind them are a powerful showing of force and give me a renewed sense of confidence in this battle.

I have to admit that sometimes the news, the naysayers and the now infamous “climate gate” can get me down.  But to be here in Copenhagen, at the epicenter of the issue has been like a breath of fresh air.  I am surrounded by people who have made an enormous effort and traveled thousands of miles to make sure their voices are heard.  I feel fortunate that I get to be here, and on behalf of Seventh Generation Advisors am able to be one of those voices.