Day 3-- Copenhagen Blog: The Hub

I know my way around Copenhagen after only a few days here – which I consider an accomplishment for someone who is directionally challenged.  

I orient myself by the different boutiques, crepe stands and cafes – not necessarily by North and South. As of today I have a new marker to add to the big map in my mind – the Hub. 

The Hub is the brainchild of Stan Stalnaker.  Stan’s goal is to create a physical location for people to meet, work and engage.  The Hub in Copenhagen is located just steps from the city center in a beautiful old building full of artwork, Danish furniture and free flowing French pressed coffee. 

The Hub officially opened its doors today and quickly has become Seventh Generation’s home away from home.  Our team along with Environment AmericaCenter for Climate Strategies and Michael Northrop from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund spent several hours at the Hub today going over our briefings.

While here at COP15, we will hold briefings several times a week to explain the incredible work that is being done on climate change in the US.  We want the delegates and observers to know that, while we don’t (yet) have a federal climate bill, 33 states in the US have climate action plans.  Some of these states have goals that are the equivalent of a Kyoto signatory country.  That is a major accomplishment and a fact that seems to have been lost in the inertia of the previous administration.  (For more information on state climate action plans please see our Climate Policy Program page).

So, four times a week for the next week and a half, we will navigate the streets of Copenhagen to our home away from home, set up shop, and let the rest of the world know that the US is indeed a partner in the global battle against rising emissions.