Day 5-- Copenhagen Blog: Back Your Beliefs With Your Wallet

It has been a challenge here in Copenhagen to find a meal that does not involve a sausage wrapped in bacon (seriously - that seems to be a popular culinary treat), something to do with rare roast beef, or a sauté of a hoofed or winged friend from the animal kingdom. I admit, I only gave up meat a year ago, but I am happy to report I have never looked back.  And… even a sausage wrapped in bacon cannot tempt me to the other side now.  

I gave up meat for all of the usual reasons; environmental, moral, ethical and karmatic.  I also gave up meat because I do not want my money to support an industry that I fundamentally disapprove of.  This philosophy is beginning to rub off on other aspects of my life as a consumer.  

Today I was excited to stumble across a small boutique full of jewelry by a local designer.  Simple designs that were uniquely Danish and something I could not find back in the states.  I soon set my eyes on a delicate necklace with one little bead of coral hanging from a gold chain.  I loved it!  I wanted it! I must have it!  And then, after a moment of glee, a red light went off in my head.  Coral?  And I knew I could not buy it. 

The harvesting of coral for knickknacks and jewelry has devastated the world’s coral reefs.  However small and perfectly lovely this necklace was, I could not justify buying it.  If I were to plunk my Krone down for his necklace, I would be creating a demand and encouraging the market and my money would thus serve as an impetus to continue the destruction of the coral reefs. But do not shed tears for me, I am a determined shopper and will no doubt find a Danish souvenir that does not involve death and destruction.