Cold Water Wash Campaign

Impact Report

Save energy, protect the planet and protect your clothes 

Save a bundle when you switch 
to cold water wash! 

Through our Personal Climate Action Center, 7GA recently completed our first ever Cold Water Wash Challenge Campaign.  Together with our partners, Orange County Coastkeeper, Rancho Canada Elementary School and REI Tustin and Huntington Beach, for the month of August we inspired individuals to take tangible, meaningful action against climate change. The challenge was to commit to do your laundry in cold water.  A simple change makes a big impact- switching to cold water can save a household up to 350 pounds of greenhouse gases a year!

For the month of August through our campaign, 240 people committed to washing their clothes in cold water only.  That resulted in collectively saving 7,000 pounds of carbon dioxide for the month of August or 357 gallons of gasoline.  If those 240 households continue to wash their clothes in cold water for the entire year, it will collectively save 84,000 pounds of carbon dioxide or 4,287 gallons of gasoline.

Congratulations to our winners, and a huge thank you to all of our participants.  We hope that you aren’t already you will consider making the switch to cold water wash to reduce your personal carbon footprint and in doing protect the environment.