In particular, sub-national authorities (regions, provinces, states or municipalities) have a key role to play in actively incorporating climate change considerations in day-to-day business and in introducing climate-friendly policies, regulations and investment decisions at their level, as a direct outreach to the public…Similarly, 50% to 80% of GHG emissions are influenced by local behaviour and investment choices.
— "Charting a New Low-Carbon Route to Development", United Nations Development Programme

What is Green Advisory?

Seventh Generation Advisors (SGA) works to ensure that strong climate policies and agreements are adopted and implemented at the state, federal and international level in order to expedite the reduction of GHG emissions and protect our natural resources.  

To achieve this goal, SGA provides expertise and guidance to government officials, policy makers and business leaders in order to accelerate the adoption and implementation of climate policies and green projects both in the U.S. and abroad.  In coordination with its partner organization, the R20 Regions of Climate Action, SGA pays particular attention to efforts being done at the subnational (city, state, province or regional) level.  

Why the Subnational Level?

Efforts at the subnational level are crucial to solving the challenge of global warming for three reasons:

  1. There are significant environmental benefits to be gained from a reduced carbon footprint in states as large as California (which is the world's eighth largest economy and the twelfth largest emitter of GHGs).
  2. The potential economic benefits are also demonstrable, given the likely creation of new sustainable industries (renewable energy, for example).
  3. Other nations are more likely to reduce their own GHGs when the United States and other nations are seen to be taking action, even when that action is at the subnational rather than the federal level.

In addition, it has been estimated that up to 80% of mitigation and adaptation policies will happen at the subnational and local levels. Accordingly we believe that our “bottom up strategy” is not only effective, but imperative to solve the climate crisis.  Our previous work has demonstrated our ability to encourage subnational governments to move forward with strong climate policies.  These policies can then serve as models for other states, the federal government and governments abroad.  The Obama Administration’s adoption of California’s tailpipe emissions standards serves as an example of how strong state policies can set a high bar and eventually be widely implemented.

What SGA Provides

Our "Behind the Scene Ambassadors" provide:

  • Experience from the "trenches" of climate planning efforts in several states, especially California, now regarded as the gold standard for state climate plans and legislation. The lessons learned can prove invaluable to other states as they embark on comprehensive climate planning.
  • Connections to governors, key legislators, and world leaders to provide advice and political support for new climate planning efforts at the state, national and international level.
  • Assistance to governors and other state and local leaders and their policy advisors in navigating the complex potential outcomes to adopt a full complement of climate measures and ensure effective implementation.

Highlights of our Results

SGA is very proud of our accomplishments.  Some of those accomplishments include:

  • Key in raising the level of awareness and engagement of subnational governments in the official negotiating and target-setting process for the upcoming UN COP21. This direct outreach is helping to push the UNFCCC to formally incorporate subnational actions into their negotiations for the first time in history.
  • Effectively connected subnational governments through the sharing of green project technology and helped secure financing for the implementation of projects in their regions.
  • Produced the R20’s “Climate Finance Status Report and Action Plan”, which will serve as the basis for implementation of climate finance solutions post COP21.         
  • In collaboration with Yale University, produced the white paper “The Global Impact of Subnational Action”, to demonstrate the measurable success of states/provinces in key countries and show how scaling up these existing policy and investment models can achieve each nation's GHG reduction targets with room to spare. 
  • Worked to harness substantial investments from institutional investors that will go way beyond charitable funding through the Green Climate Fund and other sources of donor-nation pledges in terms of scaling up low carbon economic development projects.
  • Organized three major events for the upcoming COP21 with the French government and the UN that will secure additional resources and subnational commitments to reduce GHGs with sustainable development projects.

Seventh Generation Advisors offers our Green Advisory to a range of clients beyond subnational governments, including large corporations, small businesses, film productions, writers, non-profit organizations, individuals and green events/conferences. Contact us if you are looking for consultation and information on sustainability, climate change, clean energy and other related issues.