Personal Climate Action Log

    To view our list of Personal Climate “Actions of the Week” please click below:

    Week One: Cold Water Wash
    Week Two: Meatless Monday
    Week Three: Adjust Your Thermostat
    Week Four: Reduce Your Holiday Food Waste
    Week Five: Gratitude
    Week Six: Unplug Electronics
    Week Seven: Purchase a Laptop Versus a Desktop
    Week Eight: Spend Time in Nature
    Week Nine: Use LED Light Bulbs
    Week Ten: Tune Your Ride
    Week Eleven: Filter for Your Washer
    Week Twelve: Turn off your Zoom Camera
    Week Thirteen: Air Conditioner Filter
    Week Fourteen: Reduce the Water You Use for Your Shower
    Week Fifteen: No More Single Use Cutlery, Straws, Cups
    Week Sixteen: Buy Local, Buy Organic, Buy from Farmers Markets
    Week Seventeen: Plant a Garden