ZeroWaste India

7th Generation Advisors is working in partnership with groups and organizations on the ZeroWaste India Initiative:

  • ZeroWaste India (“ZWI”) will build five waste conversion facilities in the state of Gujarat to convert 1,500 tons/day of municipal solid waste (“MSW”) to high value commodities, including compressed biogas, organic compost, liquid fertilizer, compressed industrial CO2, Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), and recyclables.
  • ZWI will use proven ‘off-the-shelf’ technologies: mechanical and manual sorting; anaerobic digestion composting; gas cylinder compression & distribution.
  • ZWI has fully developed the first two sites & secured feedstock and necessary permits. These plants are ready to build pending financing.
  • Considerable upside potential with conversion of recyclables to added-value products.

The Opportunity:

  • Opportunity to invest in two ‘shovel ready’, fully contracted MSW conversion plants in India
  • Attractive project level returns (20%+, unlevered) with exceptional sustainability benefits to local communities
  • Experienced local development team supported by world leading suppliers and advisors
  • $15MM capex per project, total raise of $75MM allocated for 5 projects
  • EBITDA: US$ 4MM per plant ($20MM across platform)


  • 7th Generation Advisors
  • CNM Energy Solutions
  • Rusheen Capital Management
  • KIS Group
  • Compost Systems
  • Komptech
  • R20 Regions of Climate Action
  • United Nations Industrial Development Organization

For details and more information please download our summary presentation: