Photo: Malibu Foundation: Kid's Ocean Day 2009

About the Clean Seas Coalition

The Clean Seas Coalition is a growing coalition of environmentalists, scientists, lawmakers, students, and community leaders pushing to strengthen laws reducing trash in our seas and on beaches.

Membership in the coalition does not necessarily imply agreement by any member with the views, recommendations and positions expressed or advocated by SGA on this site. However, all Clean Seas Coalition members agree that we must clean up plastic pollution in order to remain environmentally healthy and economically sound.

Clean Seas Coalition Members

The Clean Seas Coalition is focused on action through grassroots campaigns, education, and legislation. Members are other non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, and individuals, and in the Atlantic region, also federal, state and local government agencies. Through the informal membership of its member organizations, the Clean Seas Coalition reaches hundreds of thousands of people, institutions and local governments throughout the United States.

What Makes the Clean Seas Coalition Unique?

The Clean Seas Coalition is facilitated and coordinated on both the west coast and the east coast of the United States. Members regularly communicate about relevant science, issues and policy, and legislative agendas.

The Clean Seas Coalition has had unparalleled success with helping to create state policy, and statewide and local legislation to address plastic pollution at its source.

Through the coordinated action of its members, the Clean Seas Coalition has spearheaded hundreds of local bans on various types of plastic pollution, local ordinances supporting extended producer responsibility measures, and statewide laws on plastic pre-production pellets (“nurdles”), and in California, bans of plastic microbeads in personal care products, and bans of single-use plastic bags. 

What is SGA's Role in the Clean Seas Coalition?

SGA co-founded the Clean Seas Coalition in 2008 with California Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi and several other non-governmental organization leaders.  SGA currently co-facilitates the west coast Clean Seas Coalition.  SGA works to support member organizations, and accelerate the adoption and implementation of plastic source reduction policies in the U.S.