Friends of ARPA-E

7th Generation Advisors in partnership with AltaSea, Pegasus Capital Advisors and ARPA-E is presenting a series of webinars that highlight a range of groundbreaking technologies in different sectors that can radically improve economic and environmental well being in the U.S. and abroad.

The Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), a division of the U.S. Department of Energy advances high-potential, high-impact energy technologies that can be investigated and developed with federal funding, typically matched by private philanthropy, and may later scale up to commercial success and investment. ARPA-E awardees are unique because they are developing entirely new ways to generate, store, save, and use energy.

In March, 2024 we launched the program with our first webinar focused on Blue Tech Climate Solutions.  In the coming months we will highlight more technologies and are excited by the transformational technologies that are being developed and deployed.

To get involved, please email [email protected].

The Blue Tech Climate Solutions webinar focused on three cutting edge projects and companies (Please click here to view the webinar recording).

·        Captura

·        Emrgy

·        Ocean Rainforest Group

Presenting Companies Summary Profiles:

Captura envisions megaton-scale atmospheric carbon removal through ocean-based carbon capture and storage. Their process involves an electrochemical dialyzer that separates dissolved CO2 from seawater, at a cost per ton below that of Direct Air Capture (DAC). ARPA-E supports development of the dialyzer and analysis of the resultant decarbonized seawater, which could aid aquaculture and coastal communities through reducing the impacts of coastal ocean acidification. Captura run a 100-ton-per-year prototype facility in the port of Long Beach and are building a 1000-ton facility in Norway.

Emrgy, Inc. is an ARPA-E team working under the SHARKS tidal/riverine hydrokinetic energy generation program. Emrgy’s hydrokinetic technology transforms clean energy production without traditional dams. Generating 5 to 25 kilowatts per turbine, this innovative approach harnesses flowing water’s energy, delivering reliable, cost-effective power while repurposing water channels for clean energy. Successful implementation may deliver LCOE of $0.07-0.10/kWh depending on deployment location, across riverine, tidal, and manmade canal energy resources.

Ocean Rainforest is focused on scaling a U.S. seaweed market for industrial purposes. With ARPA-E funding, the company has obtained a first-of-a-kind research permit and out-planted a 78-acre farm in federal waters off the coast of California. Ocean Rainforest have pioneered the cultivation and harvest of California giant kelp, the world’s largest and fastest growing species. The farm is engineered to survive in open ocean conditions at 300’ depth, enabling scalability through reduced spatial use conflicts offshore. The company is presently running product trials of low-carbon alternative industrial commodities such as fertilizer and agricultural feedstocks. They are expected to submit a permit application in California for a 3200-acre farm later this month.