Personal Climate Action Center

The Personal Climate Action Center is a comprehensive website dedicated to helping you take personal action to combat climate change. Please click here to access the site and sign up to take action!

We have spent time researching the incredible work of other companies and organizations and put it all in one place. Our hope is to simplify the research for you, and to serve as a one-stop shop you can trust to help you achieve the goals you set. There is so much information out there, it can be overwhelming and paralyze you into taking no action at all, while instantly creating more anxiety about the threat of climate change, so we hope to make it easier for you.

For those who have participated in our first phase it is because of your engagement that we have been able to collect important data on the effectiveness of taking personal action and now we can move forward with even more resources and knowledge that these actions collectively can make a big impact. Below you will find actions and tips that we send via our newsletter each week. Sign up here to receive future tips in your inbox and be a part of the Personal Climate Action Center!

Week One: Cold Water Wash
Week Two: Meatless Monday
Week Three: Adjust Your Thermostat
Week Four: Reduce Your Holiday Food Waste
Week Five: Gratitude
Week Six: Unplug Electronics
Week Seven: Purchase a Laptop Versus a Desktop
Week Eight: Spend Time in Nature
Week Nine: Use LED Light Bulbs
Week Ten: Tune Your Ride
Week Eleven: Filter for Your Washer
Week Twelve: Turn off Zoom Camera
Week Thirteen: Air Conditioner Filter
Week Fourteen: Reduce the Water You Use for your Shower
Week Fifteen: No More Single Use Cutlery, Straws, Cups
Week Sixteen: Buy Local, Buy Organic, Buy from Farmers Markets
Week Seventeen: Plant a Garden
Week Eighteen: Reduce Waste from Your Home
Week Nineteen: Get a Home Energy Audit
Week Twenty: Purchase Bar Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner and Laundry Detergent Strips
Week Twenty One: Fill Your Car Tires and Avoid Heavy Braking/Unnecessary Acceleration
Week Twenty Two: Adjust Your Online Shopping Habits
Week Twenty Three: Celebrate Earth Day by Volunteering for an Environmental Group and Advocating for the Earth!
Week Twenty Four: Work Remotely for One Day a Week or Switch to a Four Day Work Week.
Week Twenty Five: Don’t buy bottled water if your tap water is safe to drink/buy a non-toxic reusable water bottle if you don’t already have one
Week Twenty Six: Part 1- Insulate and Weatherize Your Home
Week Twenty Seven: Part 2 – Update or Replace Your Windows.
Week Twenty Eight: Fly Nonstop in Economy Class
Week Twenty Nine: Avoid Plastic Microfibers in Clothing
Week Thirty: Take Care of Your Health
Week Thirty-One: Make Your Hotel Stay Eco-Friendly
Week Thirty-Two: Cancel Junk Mail and Catalogs
Week Thirty-Three: Plastic Free July!
Week Thirty-Four: Air Dry Your Clothes
Week Thirty-Five: Compost at Home
Week Thirty-Six: Let “Mother Nature” Light Your Home
Week Thirty-Seven: Help Kids be Eco-Friendly at School
Week Thirty-Eight: Take the Cold Water Wash Challenge!
Week Thirty-Nine: Protect and Conserve Forests Worldwide
Week Forty: Install Solar on Your Home
Week Forty-One: Eat Low on the Food Chain
Week Forty-Two: Skip the Plastic Wrap; Skip the Single Use Plastic Wrap
Week Forty-Three: Read an Environmental Book
Week Forty-Four: Use the Rain to Your Yard’s Advantage
Week Forty-Five: Take a Moment to Reflect – Then Do Your Best
Week Forty-Six: This Holiday Shop for the Planet – Buy Less/Shop Recycled
Week Forty-Seven: Show Your Gratitude for the Earth this Thanksgiving – Tips!
Week Forty-Eight: Buy or Lease Fuel Efficient Vehicles
Week Forty-Nine: Install a Smart Sprinkler System
Week Fifty: Buy rechargeable batteries once and never buy disposable batteries again
Week Fifty-One: Fly Less
Week Fifty-Two: Wrap your Water Heater in a Blanket
Week Fifty-Three: Wash Full Load of Dishes/Laundry
Week Fifty-Four: When Making Tea/Cooking only Boil the Water You Need
Week Fifty-Five: Install Faucet Aerators
Week Fifty-Six: Install High-Efficiency Toilets
Week Fifty-Seven: Turn off Water When Brushing Teeth/Shaving
Week Fifty-Eight: Fill Your Bathtub Halfway or Les
Week Fifty-Nine: Instead of Using a Hose, Use a Broom to Clean Outdoor Areas
Week Sixty: Only Buy Plastics That are Truly Recyclable 
Week Sixty-One: “Fix A Leak Week”
Week Sixty-Two: Carpool to work or for school…or if you’re still Zoom-ing, turn off that camera!
Week Sixty-Three: Invest in a More Efficient Water Heater
Week Sixty-Four: Find Hope
Week Sixty-Five: Replace your Grass with Native Drought Tolerant Plants
Week Sixty-Six: Revisit your “Office Environmentalism” Practices 
Week Sixty-Seven: This Earth Day Celebrate with some Good News!
Week Sixty-Eight: Use Public Transportation
Week Sixty-Nine: Use Biodegradable Cotton Swabs/Buds
Week Seventy: Lower Your Water Heater Thermostat to 120 Degrees F
Week Seventy-One: Adjust Your Computer Settings
Week Seventy-Two: Vote!
Week Seventy-Three: Recycle! (Yes – It Does Make a Difference!)
Week Seventy-Four: Minimize Car Idling
Week Seventy-Five: Shop for Cleaning Products That Contain Less Toxins
Week Seventy-Six: Install a Drip Irrigation System 
Week Seventy-Seven: Avoid Purchasing Individually Wrapped Snacks
Week Seventy-Eight: Find ways to reuse water around your home
Week Seventy-Nine: Skip the Garbage Disposal
Week Eighty: When Washing Dishes by Hand Plug the Sink/Use Water Basin
Week Eighty-One: Combine Errands
Week Eighty-Two: Learn about the Inflation Reduction Act tax incentives and credits
Week Eighty-Three: Water Plants at the Right Time of Day
Week Eighty-Four: Encourage Your School or Business to Reduce Emissions
Week Eighty-Five: Switch to Green Power
Week Eighty-Six: Make sure your printer paper is 100% post-consumer recycled paper
Week Eighty-Seven: Plant a few trees
Week Eighty-Eight: Replace your old refrigerator / freezer with a more climate friendly model
Week Eighty-Nine: Turn off all lights not in use (but read on for exceptions)
Week Ninety: Add mulch to your garden
Week Ninety-One: When thawing food, thaw it in the refrigerator overnight rather than running it under hot water
Week Ninety-Two: Consider the impact of your investments
Week Ninety-Three: Buy recycled
Week Ninety-Four: Replace electronics such as TVs, Blu-ray disc players, DVD players and telephones with ENERGY STAR® models
Week Ninety-Five: Replace your gas yard tools with electric ones
Week Ninety-Six: Try to only buy products made close to home
Week Ninety-Seven: Walk or ride your bike when possible
Week Ninety-Eight: Consider porous materials when designing outdoor landscaping
Week Ninety-Nine: Grow plants instead of buying fake ones
Week One Hundred: Take a moment to reflect on what you have learned