Personal Climate Action Center

We have now officially launched the next phase of the Personal Climate Action Center, with a new comprehensive website dedicated to helping you take personal action. Please click here to access the new site, and sign up to take action!

For those who have participated in our first phase it is because of your engagement that we have been able to collect important data on the effectiveness of taking personal action and now we can move forward with even more resources and knowledge that these actions collectively can make a big impact. Below you will find actions and tips that were included in Phase one.

The Personal Climate Action Center – Phase One

Welcome to the Personal Climate Action Center.  Our mission is to inspire you to take personal action to make a difference and to feel better about your impact on the planet.  Studies show that when people take constructive action, anxiety over climate change diminishes.  Therapy for the planet and better for your mental health? Sign me up!

We have spent time researching the incredible work of other companies and organizations and put it all in one place.  Our hope is to simplify the research for you, and to serve as a one-stop shop you can trust to help you achieve the goals you set.  There is so much information out there, it can be overwhelming and paralyze you into taking no action at all, while instantly creating more anxiety about the threat of climate change, so we hope to make it easier for you. Are you ready to learn your impact, take action to lower your impact, and find support for yourself on this journey? Then let’s get started!

Please the Form Below to Log Your Weekly Personal Climate Action

    To view our list of Personal Climate “Actions of the Week” please click below:

    Week One: Cold Water Wash
    Week Two: Meatless Monday
    Week Three: Adjust Your Thermostat
    Week Four: Reduce Your Holiday Food Waste
    Week Five: Gratitude
    Week Six: Unplug Electronics
    Week Seven: Purchase a Laptop Versus a Desktop
    Week Eight: Spend Time in Nature
    Week Nine: Use LED Light Bulbs
    Week Ten: Tune Your Ride
    Week Eleven: Filter for Your Washer
    Week Twelve: Turn off Zoom Camera
    Week Thirteen: Air Conditioner Filter
    Week Fourteen: Reduce the Water You Use for your Shower
    Week Fifteen: No More Single Use Cutlery, Straws, Cups
    Week Sixteen: Buy Local, Buy Organic, Buy from Farmers Markets
    Week Seventeen: Plant a Garden
    Week Eighteen: Reduce Waste from Your Home
    Week Nineteen: Get a Home Energy Audit
    Week Twenty: Purchase Bar Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner and Laundry Detergent Strips
    Week Twenty One: Fill Your Car Tires and Avoid Heavy Braking/Unnecessary Acceleration
    Week Twenty Two: Adjust Your Online Shopping Habits
    Week Twenty Three: Celebrate Earth Day by Volunteering for an Environmental Group and Advocating for the Earth!
    Week Twenty Four: Work Remotely for One Day a Week or Switch to a Four Day Work Week.
    Week Twenty Five: Don’t buy bottled water if your tap water is safe to drink/buy a non-toxic reusable water bottle if you don’t already have one
    Week Twenty Six: Part 1- Insulate and Weatherize Your Home
    Week Twenty Seven: Part 2 – Update or Replace Your Windows.
    Week Twenty Eight: Fly Nonstop in Economy Class
    Week Twenty Nine: Avoid Plastic Microfibers in Clothing
    Week Thirty: Take Care of Your Health
    Week Thirty-One: Make Your Hotel Stay Eco-Friendly

    Use one of the carbon footprint calculators listed below to be more accurate in your calculation so you can see what parts of your lifestyle are responsible for the greatest carbon emissions. 


    The Nature Conservancy

    Here are a few places you can purchase offsets for your emissions.

    Green Mountain Energy


    Native Energy

    Note: We are in the initial phases of creating the Personal Climate Action Center and in the next several months will be adding additional resources and steps to take.  Please sign up for our newsletter to receive updates as this project develops. We have already compiled a list of actions you can start taking to reduce your footprint by 20 percent in 20 days. Click the Download button below to access the list and start making changes today!

    Here’s how the Climate Action Center will work:

    Step 1: Calculate

    To get started, it’s important for you to know your impact.  We researched carbon calculators and chose our favorites. Coming soon!

    Step 2: Take Action

    Here we have compiled a bunch of great ways to take action and lower your environmental impact.  We organized these actions into 3 categories:

    1. Reduce: Here are a number of resources to reduce your emissions.  Coming soon!
    2. Informative Shopping: Here are a number of resources to help you make informed choices when shopping. Coming soon!
    3. Offset: Here are a number of places you can purchase offsets for your emissions. Coming soon!

    Step 3: Support for You

    Climate anxiety is a real thing and it’s important to know you are not alone.  Here is a list of articles to help you feel supported and provide insight. Coming soon!