Our Work

The fight for a sustainable planet is running out of time, whether we measure greenhouse gas concentration and related impacts; habitat loss and species extinctions; growing volumes of plastic pollution and toxins in our watersheds and coastlines; or the broad result of eco-illiteracy on our politics and personal habits.

In 2020, SGA is working on solutions to these existential challenges, including securing a price on carbon, delivering clean energy to remote and rural communities, and advancing eco-literacy in the US and abroad. For example our Clean Energy Access Fund, which is focused on bringing renewable energy to off the grid communities and our markets linkage work, focused on designing a roadmap for the California and Chinese cap-and-trade systems to facilitate the creation of one larger marketplace for the reduction of carbon pollution using market mechanisms.

To carry out our work and mission, we:

  • Provide expertise and guidance to decision-makers in government, business, non-profit, academia, and other stakeholders on environmental policies that address the urgent need to take action
  • Partner with non-profit organizations and other key stakeholders on campaigns and initiatives that utilize bold tactics, including creative communications, litigation, and investor education/outreach
  • Advise emerging cleantech companies on sustainability and related issues
  • Educate the public through speeches, op-eds, books, and blogs

Our current programs include:

Thriving Climate

Thriving Waters, Lands and Wildlife

Thriving Communities

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We are now seeking support and new partners to continue these important sustainability initiatives. Please click here to read more about our Mission and Goals.