Clean Energy Access Fund

Clean Energy Access Fund (CEAF)
As the planet becomes hotter and energy access more unequal, we believe that 
progress on Greenhouse Gas Emission reduction goals being made – – with the large-scale use of clean/renewable fuels by cities, countries, and large corporations – – could be overwhelmed by widespread small-scale use of dirty fossil fuels. Smaller underserved communities also suffer disproportionately from health impacts of dirty fuels and air pollution. 

CEAF was designed to bring clean and affordable energy systems to underserved and vulnerable communities around the world, especially in collaboration with First Nations and indigenous regions. The first project was implemented in Fiji with the creation of a trust fund, managed by the Fijian government and from which remote island communities can borrow funding to replace dirty diesel micro-grid generators with clean, renewable solar/battery systems, repaying the costs from fuel/maintenance savings. When loans are repaid, funding is made available to other communities. The first project in Fiji was completed and SGA is now securing new funds and new government partnerships to expand the program to the Gujarat state of India and in sub-Saharan Africa. We are also working with the non-profit ReVolv to implement similar innovative financing (leveraged with crowd-funding) in North America for projects at community centers, schools, churches and other non-profit organizations. One of our projects was recently completed in Oakland, CA.

The CEAF was created with the sole purpose of addressing the complexities of inequity in terms of clean energy. Through our unique finance model we hope to impact communities that would otherwise be left behind.  Our goal is to leverage and scale the CEAF projects and our vision is to be self-sustaining in the long run – this is central to the design of the CEAF.  Not only does the CEAF highlight demonstration projects, but it also fills gaps i.e. they are specifically designed to transition away from fossil fuels in regions that may not otherwise have the ability to access clean energy. 

More updates on our partners and projects coming soon!