Chimpanzees in Need

Victory! 7GA is Proud to Be a Part of This Win with Chimps in Need!

In late 2019, it was a rescue and grassroots funding effort like no other: a large number of chimpanzees in peril at the onset of a global pandemic, with no sanctuary space available. Despite the obstacles and devoted to the belief that when animals are counting on you, failure is not an option, the Chimpanzees In Need team garnered the support of thousands of generous donors and rescued 40 chimpanzees by the end of 2022. 7GA is proud to have played a critical role in the success of the effort. We offered our management services pro-bono knowing that there was a dire and urgent need to re-home and protect the chimps. Along with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW); The North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance and our sanctuary partners we achieved success. Please have a look at this inspiring video posted by partner Save the Chimps showcasing Vanilla and Shake in awe of the vast open sky for the first time. And we are grateful for the CADFG for acknowledging our efforts.