Clean Seas Coalition

SGA participates in multiple efforts to protect our oceans and water quality, including on climate change and ocean acidification; fisheries management and species conservation; First Nations Marine Protected Areas; marine mammal protection; and clean drinking water and municipal water quality issues. One area of focus is plastic pollution source reduction, managed through our facilitation of the Clean Seas Coalition (CSC), a growing network of environmentalists, scientists, lawmakers, students, and community leaders developing and strengthening measures that reduce trash in our seas and on beaches through grassroots campaigns, education, and legislation. To date, the CSC has spearheaded hundreds of local bans on various types of plastic pollution; local ordinances supporting extended producer responsibility measures; and statewide laws on plastic pollution from pre-production pellets (“nurdles”). In California, we have led efforts to ban single-use plastic bags and plastic microbeads in personal care products.

Contacts for the Clean Seas Coalition:

Miho Ligare, Surfrider Foundation: [email protected]

Baani Behniwal, Californians Against Waste: [email protected]

Jordan Christensen, Clean Seas Coalition Atlantic: [email protected]

Leslie Tamminen, 7th Generation Advisors (Founder): [email protected]