Save Sheldon!

Save Sheldon!

Save Sheldon! was conceived of and written by environmental activist and performer Kristina Haddad to not only inform audiences about environmental issues but also to entertain and inspire. 

Save Sheldon! follows the journey of Kristina as she attempts to save the ancient Sequoia tree, Sheldon, from the hands of the fictional Shady Day Development Company. In this solo show she encounters roadblocks, friends, foes, and drops of inspiration in her path to save the ancient tree from his demise.

Through humor, heart and passion Save Sheldon! weaves together the story of saving Sheldon with the story of saving the planet. In the span of 60 minutes Save Sheldon! shows the lengths one activist will go to in order to save the beauty and magic of one old, but very much alive, tree named Sheldon! 

To book a performance of Save Sheldon! please contact Kristina at [email protected] or call 310-770-9665.

Audience Reactions to Save Sheldon!

“. . artist, actress, environmentalist, what she brings to the stage and screen is her humanity, her depth and her truth.”- J.D. Lewis, Artistic Director, The Actor’s Lab

“Kristina Haddad’s work amazes me. Her performances are moving and memorable. She truly has ‘it’.” She gives it her all and the commitment to truth really resounds.”- David Kirkpatrick – Former President Paramount Pictures and Touchstones Pictures

“Kristina Haddad’s amazing one-women play Save Sheldon!, pulled together all of my hopes, frustrations, failures and unexpected victories, distilling my life as an activist into a gripping 60 minutes. Save Sheldon! will make you laugh, then cry and laugh again. – Spencer Lennard, Founder Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center & Big Wildlife

“Save Sheldon! will open minds and very likely save trees. It was funny, moving & brilliantly performed!”- Terry Tamminen, Former Cabinet & EPA Secretary, State of California

“Kristina is a supremely talented and versatile performer. Her characters are vivid, she throws her heart and soul into every performance.”- Eric Diamond, Artistic Director, Rough Theater

“… you will experience a coalescence of passion, intelligence and entertainment. This is an experience that will capture your complete attention and leave you richly satisfied” – Portia Policastro Cohen, Mayor, Manhattan Beach, CA

“When I thought I couldn’t hold back the tears anymore. I would suddenly be laughing at the introduction of another zany character. It was an awakening to what really matters & incredibly uplifting..” – Christine Dvevelis, Platia Productions

“Tracking the life of an activist, Kristina expresses the trials & tribulations of protecting our planet in a humorous & lighthearted manner, but also conveys the deeply serious & spiritual connection we all feel to our work – the best 60 minutes I’ve spent in a long time!”- Eliza Smith Steinmeier, Baltimore Harbor Waterkeeper

Save Sheldon! has been performed throughout the United States both as a benefit and to general audiences. Groups have included:

  • Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center
  • Ebbetts Pass ForestWatch
  • Sequoia ForestKeeper
  • National Water Keeper Alliance
  • Gensler Architects
  • FarmLab
  • The Fund for Wild Nature