Terry Tamminen, President


From his youth in Australia to career experiences in Europe, Africa, China and across the United States, Terry has developed expertise in business, farming, education, non-profit, the environment, the arts, and government. A United States Coast Guard-licensed ship captain, Terry has long been drawn to the undersea world, starting in the 1960s with a family-run tropical fish breeding business in Australia and continuing with studies on conch depletion in the Bahamas, manatee populations in Florida coastal waters, and mariculture in the Gulf States with Texas A&M University.  On land, Terry managed the largest sheep ranch east of the Mississippi, assisting the University of Minnesota in developing new methods of livestock disease control. Terry also managed a multi-million dollar real estate company, owned a successful recreational services business, and assisted the West African nation of Nigeria with the creation of their first solid waste recycling program...  (Read More)

Leslie Mintz Tamminen, Director

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Eco Literacy Program and Clean Seas Program
In October of 2009, Leslie was appointed to the California Ocean Science Trust Board of Trustees. Formerly, Leslie was a special advisor to Lt. Governor John Garamendi, and the California Economic Development Commission. Leslie was the Legislative Director and staff attorney for the environmental nonprofit organization Heal the Bay from 1997 to 2008, where she was responsible for development and implementation of statewide water quality legislation, and the first-ever state Education and the Environment Initiative, a requirement for environmental education principles and curricula development in all core disciplines in public schools for K-12. Leslie is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, and the University of Southern California Law Center, and lives in the Los Angeles area with her son and husband Terry Tamminen.