Utilities Going Small

Last month in Rio de Janeiro, I spoke at a conference of the non-profit Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership (GSEP), which may be the most disruptive and subversive organization you’ve probably never heard of.

The Second Coming of Solar

For nearly half a century, homeowners and utilities have mounted solar panels on rooftops and in massive generation projects in the desert. 

Water, Water Everywhere

By now you’ve heard about the epic drought threatening every California water user, from almond growers to swimming pool owners, resulting in mandatory cutbacks and ostracism from neighbors for being the last on the block with a green lawn. 

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) recently urged states to join those already “refusing to go along” with USEPA regulations that would cut air pollution from coal fired power plants.

Climate Change Jumpers

It was fitting that New York hosted the recent UN climate change summit for several reasons. Let’s start with the old joke about the guy who jumps off the Empire State Building and, as he passes the 50th floor on this way down, is heard to say “so far so good.” But the pavement, that is looming larger by the minute to our clueless friend, is about to smack all of us in the face.

Divest or Double Down

Thank goodness the graduation season is finally over. I witnessed pomp and circumstance at prep schools from Orlando to the Napa Valley and at colleges from Los Angeles to the Ivy League. The surprising topic at all of these cap-and-gown fests? Endowments divesting their holdings in fossil fuel companies.