Sasha Abelson

Consumer Mentality

I was searching for a way to combine my background in environmental policy and sustainability with, what else but…. shopping!  

Day 11– Copenhagen Blog: Our Fearless Leader

I cannot tell a lie. When Terry Tamminen, the fearless leader of Seventh Generation Advisors, my boss, and a hero of mine both professionally and personally, told me he would not be able to attend COP15 I was devastated.

Day 5– Copenhagen Blog: Back Your Beliefs With Your Wallet

It has been a challenge here in Copenhagen to find a meal that does not involve a sausage wrapped in bacon (seriously – that seems to be a popular culinary treat), something to do with rare roast beef, or a sauté of a hoofed or winged friend from the animal kingdom.

Day 4– Copenhagen Blog: My Day With Arnold

I spent today hanging out with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Well, to be a bit more precise, I spent the day hanging out with a life size, cardboard cutout of the movie star turned Governor of California.